Oktoberfest Outfits Women

May 26, 2022
7set/set Princess Snow White

Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 5.23.19 PMAs you might have known, Oktoberfest 2014 at Santa Anita Park is on its way. What might have escaped you is that, as an extra incentive to get into the spirit, we’re offering FREE admittance into the infield beer garden area for anybody dressed in appropriate Oktoberfest trappings.
But just does that archetypal Oktoberfest outfit look like? Let’s break it down.

For Dudes:

SimpsonLederhosen is a must. Literally translating to “leather breeches” in German, lederhosen are perhaps the most recognizable thing to we Americans about the largest funfair in Germany. Sitting at knee-length (or higher) Intricate suspenders and a “front-flap” accent this Oktoberfest classic, and an alpine hat w/ white dress shirt and hiked up socks completes this männlich look.


Though not authentic, try some khaki shorts or capris dressed up with your finest pair of suspenders. When combined with the aforementioned accessories, you’ll still look the part.

soundofmusicFOR LADIES:

The traditional Bavarian country dress, the dirndl, has become synonymous with women’s Oktoberfest wear (though it at one point was traditionally worn by primarily older women… odd). The dirndl comes in many styles, but can be described as a light, circular cut dress that falls below the knee, often paired with a puffy blouse or apron.


Do you own a light, circular cut dress that falls below the knee? Do you have a puffy blouse? Do you have an apron? Then you own a dirndl (kind of). Anyway, ladies you’re creative, so just give us your own take on it.


Follow these simple style tips, and you can enjoy our beer garden and concert area for free. It’s sure to be even bigger than last year, so make your plans now and check out our wunderbar packages at (on sale soon).

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