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April 1, 2024
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Miller Lite Dachshund Races Commercial

The History of Dachshund Wiener Dog Races at Old World

Dachshund racing became popular following a 1993 Miller Lite commercial that highlighted odd sports, and it’s grown in popularity since then. Check out the video.

The Wiener Dog Races are always one of the most popular attractions at Old World, and while the races are usually held once a month, during Oktoberfest you’ll enjoy the ‘Running of the Wieners’ every Sunday between 3-4pm.

The races were started by Inge McKellop, owner of ‘Paws at the Mill’, a specialty Dachshund retail store in Old World village.

Placed into one of four weight classes, the Dachshunds run a 22-yard course with their owners at the finish line, luring their dogs to run toward them with colorful toys, food, cheers and the occasional begging. In the early days the races were run through the village streets, and the dogs chased a skunk-scented piece of fur tied to a line being pulled by a car battery and motor.

As they grew in popularity they were moved to the outside patio and beer garden within Old World, where the straight course allowed a better experience for everyone.

The Dachshund was originally bred to hunt badgers. The miniature dachshund weighs in at 11 pounds or less at maturity, while a standard dachshund weighs in at 16-32 pounds. Both dachshund sizes come in three coat types - smooth, long-haired, and wirehaired.

Dachshund Races by the Numbers

  • 1993 - Miller Lite Commercial Highlighted Sport
  • 22 Yards - Length of the Course
  • 11 lbs - Weight of a miniature dachshund
  • 20 lbs - Average weight of a standard Dachshund
  • $220, 000 - Money raised for charity by Wienerschnitzel Wiener Nationals
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Oktoberfest/Halloween at Old World Village
Oktoberfest/Halloween at Old World Village
Here in HB - Oktoberfest in Old World Village, October 2010
Here in HB - Oktoberfest in Old World Village, October 2010
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