Bavarian Inn Oktoberfest

January 20, 2023


Join us as we celebrate the oldest and most authentic Bavarian Oktoberfest in the Midwest right here in Glendale, Wisconsin, located just minutes from downtown Milwaukee and a short distance from beautiful Lake Michigan. Oktoberfest, modeled just like the one held in Munich, Germany, is held every September on the four weekends following Labor Day. Continuous entertainment from 5 p.m. Friday and 4 p.m. Saturday includes traditional German brass bands, Schuhplatter folk dancing, singing, yodeling, sing-alongs and dancing for everyone.

Delicious and authentic German food is available at Oktoberfest. Dinners of broiled chicken, Oktoberfest bratwurst or spanferkel (young pig spit roasted over an open pit), include potato salad, coleslaw and bread. Rollbraten (sliced pork roast on a Kaiser roll), hot dogs, pretzels and sweet roasted almonds are available. Come and see how we roast our pigs and chickens right out on an open pit, freshly seasoned and ready for you to eat right off the spit. Desserts include fruit strudel, tortes and assorted homemade cakes. Get in line early for your Bienenstich or "Bee sting cake", which is a German dessert made of a sweet yeast dough with a baked-on topping of caramelized almonds and filled with a vanilla custard, Butter cream or cream. Of course there's plenty of beer on tap imported and domestic - as well as wine, soft drinks and coffee. There are traditional German imported gifts and souvenirs sold at the park as well. On the first Saturday, the Muencher Kindl (Oktoberfest Queen) is chosen. Candidates for this title are unmarried young women representing the various different German cultural clubs. The main festivities take place in our Bavarian Fest Garten - an Alpine style pavilion equipped with weather curtains on the open sides. Picnic tables and benches seat up to 2000 under the trees in the Park which is situated right along the Milwaukee River. There is open green space and an area for children to play. There is something for everyone!

Willkommen und Ein Prosit!

Recent Changes

On March 11, 2010 Friends of the Bavarian Soccer Club, LLC acquired the 15 acre complex and park that houses Oktoberfest. The land was purchased from Deutsches Land, Inc., an entity comprised of five German clubs including the Bavarian Soccer Club. Due to economic hardships experienced throughout the restaurant/hospitality industry during the current recession, Deutsches Land was unable to maintain profitable operations of the restaurant and park and sought out an arrangement with the soccer club to acquire the property. This transaction has ensured that one of Milwaukee's treasures, Oktoberfest, continues on for years to come. Members of the United German Societies still plan and work on Oktoberfest throughout the entire year to deliver to our community one of the most outstanding ethnic festival you will find. The Friends of the Bavarian Soccer Club, LLC has made improvements to the park this summer including our newly constructed Gazebo and upgraded bar areas. The Inn that housed the restaurant and bar is currently closed to the general public but is used by the member clubs of the United German Societies for meetings, fellowship, dancing and singing. The bar, restaurant and banquet areas may be open in the future as many deferred maintenance projects are being addressed. Stay tuned for more information on that area of our operation.

History of the Bavarian Complex

In 1934, when the City of Glendale was then the Town of Milwaukee, Bavarian Societies leased the property between the Milwaukee River and Port Washington Road south of West Silver Spring Drive, for its many functions. In 1943 they bought and developed it into a wonderful park with soccer fields and a clubhouse. The original clubhouse, now the site of the La Quinta Suites, was sold in 1967 when the United German Societies built the Bavarian Inn as their new clubhouse at 700 Lexington Boulevard. Over the years, the clubs have celebrated many Oktoberfests, enjoyed the wonderful functions of the dancing clubs, singing society and social club as well as watched many exciting matches on the beautiful soccer fields.

The Bavarian Inn, the clubhouse that also housed the restaurant was recently closed and the building is now undergoing repairs. Old Heidelberg Park, the site of Oktoberfest is along the Milwaukee River. There you will find ample parking right outside the park and around the soccer fields. The 15 acre property is a breath of fresh air, an oasis of green, very close to Bayshore Town Center with easy access to I43. Over the years, many dignitaries, such as the mayors of Glendale and Milwaukee, the Milwaukee County Executive, various judges and legislators, Governors of Wisconsin and a President of the United States have visited the Bavarian Complex. We are very proud of our home and are pleased to be an original "resident" of the city of Glendale. As we enter our new chapter of history, now owned by the Friends of the Bavarian Soccer Club, we are pleased to welcome you to Oktoberfest and to our beautiful soccer complex. If this is your first visit, Willlkommen. You are only a stranger but once and a friend each time after. See you at Oktoberfest or at one of our many soccer games throughout the year!

Oktoberfest in Helen, Ga @ Old Bavarian Inn
Oktoberfest in Helen, Ga @ Old Bavarian Inn
OKTOBERFEST at Bavarian Inn
OKTOBERFEST at Bavarian Inn
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