German dress for Oktoberfest

February 9, 2023
Germany s beer gardens: How it

DressLocals show up at Oktoberfest sporting the traditional Bavarian costume: frilly dresses with plenty of cleavage called dirndls for the ladies, and leather pants with suspenders called lederhosen for the guys. Follow the items below to understand the pictorial guide above. Where your Lederhosen or Dirndl to Triangle Oktoberfest for some cool free swag! Then enter the Best Dressed contest!

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  1. Bavarian-Style Alpine Hat: Typically made of felt or suede. Decorated with pheasant and ostrich feathers, or a brush made from boar’s hair.
  2. Traditional Bavarian Trachten Shirt: Commonly white or a plain checked pattern in blue, red or green. Often adorned with bone buttons or embroidered with edelweiss.
  3. Lederhosen: Leatherwork shorts, often embroidered.
  4. Knee Socks: Traditionally made with wool, but cotton is common.
  5. Leather Boots: Not the kind you drink beer out of. Usually work boots, but often cleated (for dancing) and buffed to a shine. Non-Bavarians wear boots only. The appropriate shoe is the Haferlschuh.
  6. Scarf: Ladies sometimes wear colorful scarves to compliment the colors in their dresses.
  7. Dirndl Blouse: Various cuts, from ultra-conservative to downright daring.
  8. Bodice: Sometimes attached to the drindl, sometimes added separately.
  9. Dirndl: Traditional Bavarian dress with an apron is essential for ladies.
  10. Leather Shoes: “Mary Jane” style is common. Soles usually made of rubber, but heels and toes often cleated to give a nice “thwack” when tapped on the dance floor.
  11. Stein: Literally, “stone.” Also called a “Mass” (the German spelling is Maß). These giant vessels usually hold a liter of beer each.
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Sexy Hot German Girl in Dirndl at Hofbrauhaus (Oktoberfest ...
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