Oktoberfest beer Steins

January 22, 2021

Oktoberfest beer steins

Celebrate the World’s Biggest Beer Festival with an Oktoberfest Themed Stein

First celebrated in 1810, Oktoberfest is the world’s largest beer festival. Starting in mid-September and running until the first Sunday of October, the festival has grown from a local celebration to a massive, world famous event.

If you can’t make it to Munich this year, you can still celebrate Oktoberfest with a great Oktoberfest beer stein.

Our selection of Oktoberfest themed drinkware includes ceramic steins and glass mugs. Dimpled glass mugs are a common sight at Oktoberfest, but so are beer steins. Every year, an Official Oktoberfest beer stein is released. We have a selection of official mugs and steins stretching back several years and items designed with Oktoberfest themes.

Beer Wagons, Oompah Bands and Historic Brewery Steins Are as German as Beer

Oktoberfest features more than just beer tents. There are parades, live music and other cultural events taking place during the festival. Our selection of Oktoberfest steins includes beautiful, hand painted depictions of Oompah Bands, festival attendees, the Hofbrauhaus and Bavaria in general.

For those who have made the pilgrimage to Munich for Oktoberfest, our steins and mugs are a great souvenir. Pick your favorite part of the festival and recall it every time you drink from your stein.

Host Your Own Oktoberfest with our Steins and Decorations

Getting all the way to Munich for Oktoberfest is quite the undertaking. This year, host your own Oktoberfest in the comfort of your own home. Let our German themed steins help set the stage and recall your proud German heritage.

Complete the scene by browsing our range of German party decorations. From tablecloths and coasters to inflatable coolers, we have everything you need to host a great Oktoberfest.

Make sure you look the part drinking from your authentic German stein by wearing a great German hat with hat pin. We have a nice selection of hat feathers available, too. You’ll fit right in at a beer table in Munich or your kitchen table wearing an Alpine hat.

Source: www.germansteins.com
Killing Floor - Beer Steins - Oktoberfest Master Achievement
Killing Floor - Beer Steins - Oktoberfest Master Achievement
1 Liter Oktoberfest Beer Steins
1 Liter Oktoberfest Beer Steins
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