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August 24, 2021
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Muslims in Germany are demanding that the Munich City Council cancel the city’s Oktoberfest, the festival during which alcohol–specifically beer–flows non-stop and fall is celebrated. And German law enforcement authorities are worried that Muslims could foment and perpetrate an attack on Oktoberfest, so they are taking the petition seriously and beefing up security. But Germany’s dhimmi leaders are apologizing to Muslims in advance. German leader apologizing to Muslims for Oktoberfest? HUH?!

You knew this was coming to Germany. It was only a matter of time. And it’s only a matter of time, when that ultimately becomes law there . . . and here, as our Muslim population grows because we did nothing to stop their immigration and birth and conversion rates. Muslim nations are known for banning alcohol. They’re demanding it in Germany, and soon they will demand it here (they are already demanding jobs where they don’t have to serve or deliver alcohol).

So, now that as many as 800, 000 to one million Muslim “refugees” are now within its borders, Germany realizes it now has too many Muslims immigrants and feels overwhelmed. Too late. The barbarians are already inside the gate. And they want Germans to cancel their major beer-drinking event of the year. German Muslims have been circulating a petition to the Munich City Council stating that holding Oktoberfest is “intolerant” and “anti-Muslim.” Uh-huh. So, is breathing air. The story was reported only in Hebrew by (Israel Today a/k/a “The Times of Israel”). But, since I’m too busy to send you my own personal Hebrew-to-English translation. Don’t expect the mainstream Western media to report on this, since it doesn’t fit their narrative of Muslim “refugees” and kind, persecuted victims (when they are none of these).

The petition, authored by German Muslim Morad Almuradi, goes on to say of Oktoberfest:

We Muslims can not tolerate the anti-Islamic event because it hurts us and all Muslims around the world. We demand the immediate cancellation of the event . . . . We believe Oktoberfest will also affect all the Muslim refugees from Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan. [The cancellation of Oktoberfest] will help the refugees not forget Islamic heritage.

handsoffmybeerAnd, yet, instead of laughing at this absurd demand, German leaders . Yes, apologizing–the Germans call it “explaining”–to Muslims that they may find Oktoberfest “a bit odd.” Right, because wearing a garbage bag with two eyeslits isn’t odd at all . . . nor is beheading and burning people alive. That’s just normal stuff.

Germany’s decision to restore border controls to stem a tide of refugees may have stunned Europe, but it is being cheered in Munich as it gears up for a far bigger influx of 6 million beer-swigging visitors to the 182nd Oktoberfest. . . . Bavarian Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann raised eyebrows at the weekend by suggesting that refugees descending from trains in Munich, after harrowing journeys from the war-torn Middle East, were likely to encounter crowds of violent drunks returning from the festival, which starts on Saturday. “Refugees from Muslim countries may not be used to seeing extremely drunk people in public, ” Herrmann said. “It might seem a bit odd to some of them, if I may say so, but this is the reality.”

Herrmann’s boss learned the hard way that worrying about Muslim attacks on Oktoberfest will get you attacked and overwhelmed with criticism by your fellow Germans.

Herrmann’s boss, state premier Horst Seehofer, has been vilified on social media for suggesting that one reason he pressed Chancellor Angela Merkel to impose the controls was so Oktoberfest could go on without a hitch. His comments sparked a new hashtag #Oktoberfestung (October fortress) on Twitter.

Um, yeah, why have security at Oktoberfest, when you have thousands of Muslims from ISIS territory roaming your soil? After all, you’re a paranoiac trying to build a “fortress.” Instead, you should let everybody get bombed and beheaded, and then try to explain yourself when these same idiots mock you for ignoring the problem.

At a news conference on Tuesday, police and city officials played down the link between the border crackdown and the annual festival. The measures, announced on Sunday, prompted other countries to follow suit, raising questions about the future of the bloc’s 20-year old frontier-free Schengen zone. “We see a clear separation between the Oktoberfest and the situation in the train station, with the refugee crisis, ” said Wilfried Blume-Beyerle, a city official.

Yup. When they tell you, there’s no need to be worried, that’s when you, in fact, do need to be worried.

A tent camp for migrants lies just two kilometres from the Theresienwiese, where the Oktoberfest has been held since 1810 — minus breaks for the two world wars — in honour of the Bavarian Crown Prince Ludwig’s marriage to Princess Therese von Sachsen-Hildburghausen.

Source: www.debbieschlussel.com
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