Where to Buy Oktoberfest Costumes?

September 6, 2022
Oktoberfest Tracht Lederhosen


Other than beer drinking, delicious food and folk dancing, traditional Bavarian costumes are a must for Oktoberfest. Here are the top sites where you can buy the outfits to get into the Oktoberfest spirit.

Every year people all over the world flock to Munich, Germany to join in on the festivities of Oktoberfest - a 16 day festival dedicated to celebrating beer and all things German. Usually kicking off in late September, it is one of the biggest fairs in the world. Part of the fun celebrating and enjoying the German culture is dressing up in traditional outfits.

So lads, don your lederhosen and checkered shirts and ladies, get in your dirndls and get in the spirit of Oktoberfest!

One of the largest fancy dress retailers in Australia, Costume One offers a range of Oktoberfest gear including classic Bavarian men and women’s costumes and quirky costumes such as beer bottles and beer kegs.

  • Offers Oktoberfest pet costumes
  • Same-day shipping: Orders made before 3pm (Sydney time) are dispatched that day In store pickup available for local orders in Sydney.

Quality costumes, accessories and party decorations are what Costumes Direct is all about. It’s the easy way to find the perfect Oktoberfest fancy dress without having to spend a fortune. Also available are plus-sized Oktoberfest costumes.

  • Offers genuine licensed costumes
  • Costumes are all under 0
  • Gift certificates available
  • 4-hour courier delivery service available for Sydney orders placed before 3pm

eBay1Smiffy caters to the young and young at heart offering a massive range of costumes to suit any fancy dress party. Let Smiffy’s help you get fancy for Oktoberfest in traditional lederhosens and dirndls.

  • Offers a wide range of adults and kids costumes
  • Free shipping on orders over
  • VIP offers for customers who sign up to Smiffy’s newsletters

Whether you are looking to dress up as a Bavarian bar maid or as a beer mug, Costumes.com.au has all your bases covered this Oktoberfest.

  • Plus-size costumes available for men and women
  • Over 10, 000 items available
  • Same-day delivery for orders process before 2pm in Melbourne metropolitan area
  • Costumes are all genuine licensed products

Thousands of costumes from Costume Collection conveniently placed on its eBay store, including a whole bagful of Oktoberfest outfits.

  • 6000+ costumes available
  • Look out for discounts from eBay for even bigger bargains

Stocking over 80, 000 items and with a dedicated page to Oktoberfest which features costumes, party accessories and decorations if you're planning a party during the month of "bier" CostumeBox has you covered.

  • Free express shipping on orders over
  • Same day shipping on orders made before 4pm (Sydney metro area only)
  • 100 day returns

Costume shopping has never been easier with Heaven Costumes. If you are looking for classic Bavarian outfits for men, women and kids and novelty wigs and accessories, Heaven Costumes has a broad range.

  • Free express shipping on orders over 0
  • Same day shipping on orders made before 3pm (Adelaide time)
  • Returns, refunds or exchanges available

Whether you are looking for an Oktoberfest costume or unique home decor, Light In The Box is a global online retailer with a huge selection of lifestyle products.

  • Wide variety of products
  • Offers a selection of premium known brands such as ASUS and Lenovo
  • Free shipping on select orders
  • Up to 90% off RRP

Originally an auction site, eBay has become an international marketplace where you can buy just about anything. Whether you want to buy a vintage 50s German beer stein or a classic dirndl for cheap, eBay has it.

  • New and used costumes available
  • Buyer protection on all orders
  • Competitive prices and free shipping

AliExpress is an online marketplace that offers a wide variety of items - including a whole section dedicated to Oktoberfest costumes.

  • 40 different categories with a huge selection of products
  • Free shipping offered on selected orders
  • Secure, easy online payment

Free Black Opaque Thigh Highs - With White Satin Bow

Get a free Black Opaque Thigh Highs - With White Satin Bow when you spend $50 or more at Costume Box.

$20 off orders $100 or more

Sign up to the Costume Box newsletter and receive a $20 voucher for regularly priced items of $100 or more.

Free Express Delivery

Get free express delivery on purchases of $79 or more.

T-shirts for less than $30

Grab novelty T-shirts for under $30 each

Adult Costumes Under $50

Get adult costumes for under $50 at costumes.com.au

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Source: www.finder.com.au
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