Plastic Oktoberfest beer mugs

September 18, 2021

Our selection of German beer mugs includes stoneware beer mugs featuring the German Eagle, German cities and Bavarian themes. Glass beer mugs with popular German themes and motifs, Plastic beer mugs, German wine glasses and German brewery mugs including authentic German mugs with the world famous Munich Hofbrauhaus crown logo are also available.

Drink Responsibly—But Please, Not From a Can

Your German ancestors roll in their graves at the thought of their heirs sipping lite beer from aluminum cans. Upgrade! Appease your forebears!

We have German beer mugs and glasses for sale for every kind of drinker and collector.

Crush your last aluminum can and move up to one of our 0.5 liter German beer mugs and glasses. Celebrate Oktoberfest with a dimpled glass mug representing your favorite German brewery. We have mugs displaying logos for Becks, Hofbrauhaus, Hacker Pschorr and Paulaner.

Represent your German city of descent! Berlin, Nurnberg, and Frankfurt each have their own theme glasses.

Our mugs come in two main sizes: 0.5 liters and 1 liter.

Stylish, lid free and big, mugs are a great way to enjoy a cold one or three. A full liter of beer is about the size of three cans. The only way to make a ceramic beer mug look bad is to pour only one beer in it.

German Wine Glasses Make for a Relaxing Dinner

The traditional hand-engraved German Rhein wine glass can be personalized for a gift or souvenir. You may choose from thirteen different fonts and engrave up to three lines of text. Personalized glasses make for a fantastic gift option for your German friends and family.

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