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Tom Cruise in: The Twilight of Literature

imaj: InTheDarkConfessional via ConeSoldStober Exqueeze me, Lestat, but Louis is an aristocrat. He doesn’t read paperbacks, you tacky moron. Widgets

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Awwwww, guys!

imaj: Twilighthumour via notemily and stonecoldsober Emo vampire is emo. But don’t worry, Edward, you’ve still got your poetry and your gossip links!. Add to: Facebook | Digg | | Stumbleupon | Reddit | Blinklist | Twitter | Technorati … Continue reading

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Johnny Weir presents: Big Bird’s new look links

imaj: Lolebrity sorse: DListed I think Big Bird has had a little work done. In other news, I would kill for that jacket. Bet Johnny designed it himself; it does look like I imagine the inside of his head looks. … Continue reading

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Dear Buffy…

imaj: ROFLRAZZI.COM That howling you hear? Not wearwolves but the desolate cry of ten million bereft, undersexed Twilight fangirls.

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