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Tom Cruise in: The Twilight of Literature

imaj: InTheDarkConfessional via ConeSoldStober Exqueeze me, Lestat, but Louis is an aristocrat. He doesn’t read paperbacks, you tacky moron. Widgets

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Daniel Radcliffe Jumps the Couch

imaj: Lolebrity sorse: TheNewYorkTimes via InOtherNews In related news, Oprah has had one helluva makeover. And so to today’s lighter-than-air links. You can’t walk, but maybe you can fly? (Lolebrity) It floats! It floats! (ManoloFood) Take the lid off! There’s … Continue reading

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Tom Cruise hangs out with John Milton

imaj: Lolebrity sorse: Gawker I made this. And I really couldn’t tell you why.

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Herman. Pee-Wee Herman.

imaj: Lolebrity sorse: Pee-Wee Herman I happen to think Pee-Wee Herman would make a great James Bond, sort of the way David Niven and Woody Allen made great James Bonds in the first filmed version of Casino Royale; which is … Continue reading

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Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise: scenes from a marriage

imaj: Lolebrity sorse: INF via Gawker I always got the sense their marriage was sorta that way. As well as the sense that John Travolta wouldn’t have brushed him off. #notthatiwouldknowanythingaboutthatrumour If you want to put this on your blog, … Continue reading

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Katie Holmes can has a muneez?

imaj: AgentBedhead sorse: Mad Money Katie Holmes ar not X-ackly cash masheen on Brawdwai. Nobunny wanna c her shoh! It ar mabby b-cuz shee not go nekkid like Nicole.

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Tom Cruise cant tawk

imaj: eagleapex sorse: Tom Cruise has thetan in mouf but still room foar at lease one fut.

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