Alfred Hitchcock’s Haunting Failure

alfred hitchcock's haunted polka hour was not a success

alfred hitchcock's haunted polka hour was, strangely enough, huge in Germany

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Alfred Hitchcock‘s star never waned in Waterloo, Ontario, but the Shmenge Brothers killed him in the cutthroat polka variety show television rating wars.

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4 Responses to Alfred Hitchcock’s Haunting Failure

  1. If you think that was bad, the Lawrence Welk Shock theater was pulled in the middle of its first episode after Welk lost control and repeatedly walked his poodle in the background while muttering “Wunnerful my ass!”

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  3. raincoaster says:

    FFE, I can’t find that ANYWHERE on YouTube!

  4. The Lennon Sisters destroyed the kinescope . . .