Peaches and Heeb

Peaches and Heeb

Peaches and Heeb: Reunited and it feels like a photo-op

imaj: Lolebrity
sorse: HolyMoly

But seriously, the only things that set Peaches Geldof apart from the rest of her sordid tribe are the chinlessness and the fact that she’s wearing Eli Roth‘s studded cock ring on her wedding finger. Indeed, as I said on another site, thanks to modern aesthetic technology, fugtards like Paris Hilton, Rumer Willis and Snooki are actually rendered presentable; however, the ongoing trainwreck of Peaches Geldof shows us that it can go only so far.

By the way, the headline was given to me by a Tumblr-er. We want to make this A Thing. Can we count on you, dear reader?

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2 Responses to Peaches and Heeb

  1. Gives me the jeebies . . .

  2. raincoaster says:

    If you stand downwind of her when she’s wearing a miniskirt you could catch a lot more than that.