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The Dude, he abideth.

He also giveth me an excuse to tell you about the time I sat next to Jeff Bridges at the racetrack in Vancouver. It was last year in the midsummer, the sun was out (for once), the day was warm, the view was exquisite, and somehow (I can’t remember how it came about) I got chatting with the nice, good-looking couple at the next table. It wasn’t a terribly memorable subject, for I cannot remember what we talked about, but I do remember that after my other friends arrived and we all got chatting amongst ourselves, the talk turned to celebrities, and who was the biggest celebrity you’d ever seen. Well, I knew who was at the next table because I recognized him but didn’t say anything. Well, I did say something: I said that when I was at the Bacara Resort I was one table over from Oprah, and at that, the nice, good-looking couple at the next table picked up their things and moved away.

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