Coco and Kiefer say Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

coco and kiefer know how to celebrate st patrick's day

imaj: Lolebrity
sorse: Coco as a leprechaun: artist Sandy Copeland on Etsy (yes, you can buy it!); Kiefer: TMZ

Those boys know how to celebrate! Remember, people: friends don’t let friends drink green beer.

Speaking of which, there will never be a better time for me to tell the infamous Leprechaun Nun Joke.

So, Paddy and his friend…Bobo…yeah, Paddy and Bobo were walking down the street, rather slowly, for they were definitely having one of those morning-after-the-night-before type of days, and they see a nun walking towards them, which is not so unusual as you might suppose, what with them being Irish and this being a dirty St. Patrick’s Day joke and all.

So Paddy slaps Bobo in the arm and says, “Faith, lad, here’s the very ting! Sure an’ we’ll ask the nun!” and Bobo just sort of groans and nods, so Paddy, he walks right up to the nun, bold as brass for he’d seen them before and not just in The Flying Nun reruns either.

“Sister,” says Paddy, he says, “Do ye have a moment to settle a dispute between me friend and me self?”

“I do, my son,” says the Sister, all polite and ladylike-like, for that’s how they were in the old days when nuns weren’t always dropping from helicopters into the Amazon to convert the boa constrictors and appearin’ on reality tv all in a day’s work and what-all like they do nowadays.

“Sister,” says Paddy, “Is there such thing as a Leprechaun Nun?”

This sets her back a bit. “Leprechaun Nun? Why, Paddy, noooo, there never was such a thing as a Leprechaun Nun. Whatever put such a thought in your head?”

And Paddy, he doesn’t reply for a second, he just smacks his friend Bobo on the arm again and says, “See! I told you that was a penguin you were fucking last night!”

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