Jennifer Lopez iz fit to be tyed!

Jennifer Lopez is fit to be tied

imaj: lolebrity
sorse: Dlisted

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10 Responses to Jennifer Lopez iz fit to be tyed!

  1. oka says:

    i love her soooooooo much.her voice,her body,her style,her face,her movie,her music…all about her.she is the best.i wish to see her one day.succes for my J-Lo

  2. amandzing says:

    jenni from da blok goz thaddawai

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  4. BabaliciouS says:

    Uhm…wot wuz dat in her armpit … O_o ?

  5. annominus says:

    dat ting in ha pitt is a mole!

  6. Renata says:

    Happy birthday Jennifer Lopez!

  7. disembedded says:

    Hi Rain,

    You made it BIG TIME!! Gawker cited you with a link to lolebrity…Good for you!!

  8. raincoaster says:

    Thanks! I don’t think Denton knows I own this one, so shhhhhhh!

    whut he doan no woan hurt him!

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